Bo Chew, CFP, CLU, CIM
Portfolio Manager
Burnaby, British Columbia



As founder of Legacies Financial Group, Bo helps clients attain financial independence and
make a difference. Life is a journey much like a great train trip – full of wonderful experiences
that enrich the lives of people on route. Discovering what’s important to you, your legacy, and
where you want to go is part of the process. Bo will collaborate on the financial itinerary and
assist with excursions and destinations.

Before embarking, let’s understand your goals, what risks might derail you, and the choices to
be made. Once on your way, Bo will assist with contingencies, building wealth, enjoying your
travels and helping you make a difference. Whether you want to retire comfortably, experience
the world or mentor our youth, your journey and destinations are specific to you. Once your
itinerary is in place, get aboard and enjoy your adventures. Bo will check in regularly to help
you stay on track.

Before starting your trip let’s introduce your conductor:

  • Bo has the Canadian Investment Manager (CIM), Certified Financial Planner (CFP),
    Chartered Financial Consultant (CHFC), and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation.

  • He is a student of the world’s best traders including Warren Buffett, William O’Neil and
    Mark Minervini to refine the provision of higher returns with less risk for clients.

  • Bo enjoys time with his wife and sons, running, and travelling.

  • He is passionate about making a difference and helping people leave their legacies.

Bo actively manages portfolios tailored to clients’ risk levels on a discretionary basis through
an efficient 3 mandate trading platform. Client portfolios combine an optimal blend of Croft
managed pools;third-party specialty managers; and active investment in market leading
stocks with a low fee structure.

Bo identifies low risk buy points in market leading businesses with strong fundamentals.
He buys when stocks are in confirmed uptrends with buying support, high relative strength,
and sound base patterns.

Bo sells to lock in profits; or if prices decline, fundamentals weaken, or chart patterns
break down. Once stocks decline, buying is only considered after chart patterns rebuild.