Advisors & Planners

Advisors & Planners at a glance

We align our interests with you and your clients through a fully integrated business platform that provides the freedom, flexibility and scalability to grow your business in the direction you choose.

  • Multi Manager
  • Refer your clients or transition your entire business onto our platform
  • Digital Onboarding and administrative support
  • Compliance and regulatory oversight
  • Transition planning and financing
  • Discretionary portfolio management
  • Regular Portfolio Manager updates on market outlook, expectations and actions

Financial Planners, Exempt Market Dealers, Insurance Professionals

Our service commitment to our partners and their clients is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We understand your needs in today’s challenging financial environment.

  • How do you find balance between growing and managing your practice and the obligations of maintaining regulatory and compliance standards?
  • How do you maintain client contact on a timely basis to discuss financial needs?
  • During periods of volatility, how do you rebalance all your clients’ accounts?
  • How do you serve the needs of all clients while maintaining your image of professionalism and impartiality?
  • How do you increase profitability, while controlling costs and delivering a top-shelf investment product and financial services?
  • Where can you find a platform that lets you access any type of product and build your own unique portfolio solution?

The Croft Referral Arrangement

Our referral model allows you to free up time by passing administrative and compliance burdens on to us. Where products and services are limited, expand your business by providing your clients with access to every security: ETFs, stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds and more. Partner with R N Croft Financial Group Inc. to transform your business to the next level. By working with us, you can focus on the most important part of the investment process: your client.

Our platform will help you to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction and services
  • Gain new customers
  • Increase business value
  • Manage compliance within the framework of your business
  • Broaden product offerings, including stocks, bonds and options

We align our interests with you and your clients through a fully integrated business platform that provides the freedom, flexibility and availability to grow your business in the direction you choose.

We deliver high-level administrative services alongside top-performing, professionally-managed and customizable portfolios. This helps you focus exclusively on building your business and increasing your revenue.

The Croft custom asset management platform is customizable for any financial advisory model. Whether you outsource all your investment management, whether you use a cooperative business model, or whether you run a standalone full-service advisory business, we offer a complete range of asset-management solutions you can tailor precisely to meet your clients’ needs now, and as you grow your business into the future.

Value Proposition For the EMD and MFDA, Insurance Registrants

Simplified Compliance
Compliance rests with Croft Financial Group

Higher sustainable revenue stream
No payout grid means more income

Licensing made simple
If you directly contract with R N Croft Financial Group via a referral agreement; no need for MFDA license
Advisor can work towards APM license or you can work as a non-licensed Investment Strategist

Exit Strategy
Croft can provide top dollar exit strategy

We enable you to offer a full-service wealth management solution for your clients:

  • Reduce your administrative and compliance burdens and focus more time on building your business
  • Provide your clients with better service and a greater selection of products to help meet their financial goals
  • Do this for a fee lower than the industry standard while earning more for yourself!

A winning platform
Separately managed accounts
Actively managed pools
Third party money managers
Stocks, bonds, options
Account opening assistance

Exit Strategy

We all have to think about transitioning our business at some point. Plan your exit strategy while you build equity in your firm, and when you’re ready to slow down, Croft can offer you the maximum value for your business while ensuring your clients best interests are protected.