KYC Update Questionnaire

It is important for us to confirm and update your financial circumstances and needs on a regular basis.  This is to ensure that your investments with us continue to be managed according to your risk tolerances and objectives and that changes are made to your investment mandate as required if your financial circumstances or investment needs have changed.

Please answer a short questionnaire below. Note – if your circumstances have changed, we will be reaching out to schedule a conversation soon:

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3.    by filling in the fields and following the prompts

For Multiple Signatures

Once form is filled out, First signor will Click to Sign, prompting form to Assign the next participants.  

Fill in Participant 2 information and click Next and an invite to sign will be sent to Participant 2. 

NOTE: If you are a single signer, click Next without filling in the Participant 2 information to complete the process.

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Please note that if you have questions regarding your investments with us at anytime, you can e-mail to request a conversation with your assigned Portfolio Manager.