Our Business

The Croft Financial Group is a Discretionary Portfolio Management and Investment Fund Management company serving investors and investment professionals through direct and referral-based relationships, customized to the objectives of each. Our investment approach combines low-cost, tax-efficient indexed investment strategies, with targeted active management, and sophisticated option strategies to maximize client returns at any risk level.

Our fiduciary commitment to each of our clients ensures that we take an unbiased approach to security selection and portfolio composition based on their best interest. We then implement this approach to the highest standard of care.

For most financial professionals, regulatory, compliance, and administrative burdens have become the central issue in practice management today. While we can’t create more hours in the day, we can help you take back some of the time you currently spend on activities that don’t build your business. If you’re struggling to determine the model that will enable you to build the independent practice that best suits your needs and those of your clients, it’s time to discover the Croft Financial Group Inc. investment professional platform. We align our interests with you and your clients through a fully integrated business platform that provides the freedom, flexibility and scalability to grow your business in the direction you choose.

Financial Professionals build a better business with CROFT

A platform is something that lifts you up and on which others can stand, it’s also a declaration of principles. The same is true in business.

We deliver a suite of services and solutions for Portfolio Managers, financial professionals and investors to build on, guided by a set of core principles which include honesty, integrity and openness. Our focus is on serving our partners and investors by delivering value ethically and within a culture of compliance, while fostering the same entrepreneurial spirit in our partners that the Croft Group was founded on over 25 years ago.

Build your business on the Croft Platform and let us help you grow. Focus on what’s really important to your success, creating wealth for your clients, taking care of existing relationships while forging new ones and exploring new and innovative opportunities.