Traditional core values along with old-fashioned support and service meets the future

The Croft Financial Group is partnered with to offer Portfolio Managers, financial service professionals and investors a complete digital experience.  Traditional core values along with old fashioned support and service, enhanced by innovative and enlightened financial technology for client on-boarding, relationship management and account monitoring for investors. A platform you can build on.

Personalized service and elegant digital experience

Client Experience

Elevate client service with service excellence and digital convenience.

Process Excellence

Unleash productivity and empower clients with an intuitive collaboration platform.


Enhance advisor/client communication with multichannel messaging and notifications.

API & Integrations

Seamlessly fuse existing enterprise solutions with a rich set of API’s, integrations and connectors.

Reimagine the Client Experience

Digital Convenience.  Real Time Insights. Brand Sovereignty. Personal Service.

  • Compliment high-value advisor touch-points with intuitive anytime/anywhere experiences
  • Simplified onboarding, mobile access and advisor messaging
  • Quarterly reports, performance dashboard, notifications and newsletters

Achieve Process Excellence

Unlock Performance. Grow AUM.  Increase Efficiences. Focus on Client Needs.

  • Unleash productivity and empower enterprise users with an intuitive, easy to use multi-mode platform.
  • Continuous client understanding and portfolio monitoring helps keep advisor focus on client needs.
  • Quick onboarding and automated workflows mean high conversion rates for prospects.
  • Automate and streamline front and back-office operations. Reduce low value work.

Become Connected and Responsive

Collaborate. Increase Productivity. Enhance Conversions. Share Understanding.

  • Multi-channel alerts and reminders drive team focus.
  • Notifications and dashboards keep advisors aware of new client leads and onboarding progress.
  • Workflow automation ensures successful handoffs between enterprise users.
  • A centralized platform means fewer dropped signals and more organizational awareness.

Innovate with API and Integrations

Flexible Integrations. Headless Infrastructure. Modular Rollout. Control your Destiny.

  • Seamlessly fuse existing enterprise investments like CRM, messaging, trading, and accounting systems with a rich set of API’s, integrations and connectors.
  • Use Responsive infrastructure through API to build your own bespoke client experience, or integrate with your own technology eco-system
  • Use the Responsive Hybrid micro-services to accomplish incremental wins by next quarter without boiling the ocean.
  • Responsive API’s and micro-services play well with others. Choose the best tools for the job without getting locked in.