Portfolio Managers

Portfolio Managers at a glance

On Platform

  • Digital Onboarding and administrative support
  • Compliance and regulatory oversight
  • Access to a team of managers who build on each other’s experiences and ideas
  • Build a Custom pool to manage client assets more efficiently
  • Transition planning and financing

Off Platform

Access any of our custom funds or work with us as a sub-advisor to build a custom fund of your own to be purchased and held on your current platform.

Portfolio Managers

If you are a Portfolio Manager considering a new home for your practice, enhance operational efficiencies and better support your clients by accessing the above services while enhancing your trading and investment practices by launching a custom fund and introducing equity and ETF options to help manage risk and increase cash flow.

Manage your investment models alongside a team of experienced Portfolio Managers who challenge one another while leveraging each other’s experience and expertise. Operate with in a culture of compliance that is administered to the highest standard of care, working closely with the Canadian Securities Administrators to ensure we are always putting the client first, while supporting business growth and development.

We enable you to offer a full-service wealth management solution for your clients:

  • Reduce your administrative and compliance burdens and focus more time on managing assets and building your business
  • Provide your clients with better service and a greater selection of products to help meet their financial goals
  • Do this for a fee lower than the industry standard while earning more for yourself!

Growth & Transition Support

Whether your objective is growth by acquisition, or you are seeking to monetize your current business by transitioning client relationships to a trusted partner, we have financing solutions in place to help make it happen.