Authorization to Communicate with a Trusted Contact Person 

The Trusted Contact Person (hereinafter “TCP”) is a resource intended to help your Portfolio Manager / Investment Advisor, or any other person in charge of managing your assets (hereinafter your “Advisor”):

  • Protect your interests or financial assets in response to possible financial exploitation.
  • Help your Advisor protect your interests or financial assets in response to concerns about your mental capacity.
  • Confirm or provide the name and contact information of your legal representative, in particular your legal guardian, the Executor/Liquidator of an estate of which you are the beneficiary, or the trustee of a trust of which you are the beneficiary.
  • Validate and obtain your current contact information in the event your Advisor can no longer reach you, especially after several attempts.

The TCP does not replace your Attorney appointed under a Power of Attorney or a Protection Mandate, nor does the TCP assume this role. The TCP also does not have the authority to trade in your account(s) or make other decisions on your behalf.

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