Jack Morris


Portfolio Manager

Jack has proven the age old belief that former teachers make the best advisors, time and time again, since 1981.  Teachers are trained to learn and explain their new found knowledge.  Jack has made it his mission to continue to learn and develop, and then share his knowledge with his treasured clients!  Throughout his career, the knowledge and expertise he has gained, has never stopped his desire to grow and improve.  One exceptional note is achieving his Portfolio Manager License at the age of 59!   

Jack is a passionate Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager.  His nurturing approach to his clients is what drives him to continue to evolve in our industry, even today.  He’s taken these skill sets to the broader community having supported various Winnipeg organizations throughout his career.  Jack also believes that a healthy mind should be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.  He’s an avid fan of the gym and has travelled the world on two wheels, four wheels, sailed many a seas and loves flying the friendly skies!