Advisors & Planners

Optimize your practice by introducing your clients to Croft’s Discretionary Portfolio Management Services. Increase and diversify revenue, build new business and reduce administrative and compliance burdens. Focus on building relationships and delivering your services while the Croft Group focuses on managing client assets.


The Croft Group is held to a Fiduciary standard of care, the highest standard of care in the industry. Portfolios are actively managed to individual risk tolerances and objectives, using option strategies to enhance cash flow, maximize returns & mitigate risk in all account types with a focus on liquidity and fee transparency.

Portfolio Managers

Streamline and grow your practice on the Croft Group platform. Leverage client onboarding and administrative support, compliance and regulatory oversight, transition planning and financing. Integrate options for income generation and risk mitigation and increase efficiencies in managing assets by launching a custom fund.

How We Serve Our Partners & Investors

R N Croft Financial Group provides a multi-manager platform that allows my business to scale successfully. Offering fee-for-service holistic financial planning and innovative insurance solutions, combined with  Croft’s discretionary portfolio management platform, allows my practice to grow free from biases. It’s a game changer for independent advisors.

Robyn K. Thompson CFP, CIM, FCSI
Castlemark Wealth Management
Toronto, Ontario

Once I moved my practice to Croft I soon realized how an active / discretionary investment management solution could add growth and risk management strategies that I could not offer clients on my former platform.

As a financial planner, the efficient business platform that Croft offers enables me to provide my clients with the service, advice and investment solutions they need with the extra time I need to build my practice.”

Kevin Gebert CIM, CFP, FCS
Greenrock Financial Group Inc
Surrey, British Columbia

Really appreciate how Croft Financial Group’s discretionary model portfolios platform allows efficient management of an investment practice. In minutes, I can prepare a trade to sell or buy a security for all clients in a given model portfolio and all clients receive the same trade execution.

Croft Financial Group provides clients a team of active portfolio managers. The team explores the complete spectrum of investments and strategies for use in portfolios, including hedging and specialized products I didn’t have access to before. In addition, the monthly commentary provides valuable ongoing communication with clients.

Legacies Financial Group
Burnaby, British Columbia

The Croft Financial Group helps my clients by delivering an actively managed investment solution using a wide range of strategies including options for income and risk management. They focus on the compliance and administrative responsibilities, allowing us to focus on planning and tax preparation while building and maintaining client relationships.

Sandra Erb
Financial Services Consultant
Erb Financial Services Inc.
Wellesley, Ontario

Joining the Croft Group and changing to a fee based business with active investment managers optimized my practice to a different level. The magnitude of personal care, professionalism and compliance oversight for each and every client is unmatched in this industry. We truly enjoy working with such a great group of people.


Sherry McKenzie
Gateway Tax and Financial Services
Cambridge, Ontario

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Croft Group Portfolio Managers' Brief

A brief review of market conditions and how they are impacting the management decisions of our Investment Review Committee (IRC)