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Jason Ayres


Chief Executive Officer

Jason Ayres is CEO of the Croft Financial Group, partner in the firm, member of the Board of Directors and a Derivative Market Specialist by designation.

As CEO of the Croft Financial Group (CFG), Jason also oversees two wholly owned subsidiary companies: Castlemark Wealth Management, a thriving financial planning and insurance firm, and The Accounting Place, a successful tax planning and tax filing accounting firm. Working closely with the CFG management team to execute on the firms strategic vision of offering a suite of integrated wealth management services and solutions to advisors and investors across Canada.

As a member of the firm’s Investment Review Committee,  Jason provides leadership in decision-making, facilitating discussions and debates that lead to well-considered and effective investment choices. He works alongside the firms Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) to provide strategic direction for investment decisions, aligning them with the overall business objectives and growth strategies of the firm. This includes setting the policies of the investment committee, ensuring that these policies comply with relevant regulations and ethical standards. As part of his executive oversight, Jason also scrutinizes portfolio and mandate performance, ensuring that the committee’s decisions are resulting in expected outcomes, implementing change when required. Supporting advisor/client relations, Jason also provides a review of market conditions and how they are impacting the management decisions of the Investment Review Committee through his monthly Portfolio Managers’ Brief.

Ayres’ approach to leadership is geared towards exceeding conventional boundaries. He passionately believes in empowering every member of the Croft Financial Group team, supporting them in meeting their professional goals and objectives. This encouragement is not just limited to the internal team; it extends to partnering advisors and clients alike, cultivating an atmosphere of inclusivity and openness.

Committed to work-life balance, Ayres fosters a workplace culture that values and promotes both professional growth and personal well-being, a philosophy that he believes, results in more creative solutions, stronger relationships, and ultimately, a more prosperous organization.

With a commitment to excellence, a relentless focus on client service, and a strong belief in empowerment, Jason leads the Croft Financial Group with an inclusive vision and a strategic, balanced approach to business growth. He stands as a testament to progressive leadership, showing how business success can be harmoniously aligned with individual development and overall well-being.

Outside of his professional role, Jason enjoys staying active, spending time with his wife Ali, children George and Grace and their dog Lewis at their country home in Uxbridge, Ontario, surrounded by nature and tackling his latest carpentry project.