Kelly Morris

Research Analyst

Kelly has spent his life preparing for his role as a financial advisor and analyst.  After having spent his formative years in Winnipeg involved in anything and everything, he graduated from College Louis Riel, in 1991, and began his journey of discovering the world.  He has lived in various places, travelled a great deal and continues to seek out the globe for adventure, new discoveries and the unknown. 

What Kelly believes has been the greatest benefit of all his travel and experience; is risk management.  We all struggle in our daily lives to balance what is needed now and what is needed in the future.  Understanding how fear affects us in our daily lives and its effect on our future is what Kelly has come to believe is one of today‚Äôs greatest predicaments and significant opportunities.

Travelling also give you real time insight on how economies are doing and what people are up to.  We all know that Google can teach us a great deal, but it is those that seek out more who gain the competitive edge.  The lessons he learns from people and places around the world are invaluable. 

Kelly has been evolving at The Morris Financial Group since 2003.  Currently his primary focus is on the investments of our clients.  Kelly continues the tradition set by his dad of a culture that believes in improving.  He remains committed to improving his knowledge and expertise.  He is innovative in making decisions for clients in a marketplace that only has winners and losers on his journey to becoming a fully licensed Portfolio Manager.

After many years in the industry, in 2005 we (Morris Financial) partnered with Croft Financial Group who offered the perfect platform for our clients; a place to build a proprietary investment portfolio system that opened the doors of our industry and created the accountability and transparency that we were searching for, and strongly felt our clients deserved.

Since this partnership we have had full control of what our clients are invested in. We started with two pools, founded on a fee-based model, which at that time, was rarely seen available to retail investors. We leveraged a team of investment professionals, utilized the technology available to us, and committed the highest level of accreditation and oversight.