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Executive Committee

Jason Ayres

Jason Ayres is CEO of the Croft Financial Group, partner in the firm, member of the Board of Directors and a Derivative Market Specialist by designation. As CEO of the Croft Financial Group (CFG), Jason also oversees two wholly owned subsidiary companies:...

Executive CommitteePortfolio Managers

Kenneth Mulders

KENNETH MULDERS, CFA, is Chief Operations Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for R. N. Croft Financial Group Inc. He oversees and leads a team of Portfolio Managers and associated relationship managers to deliver superior, risk‐efficient discretionary investment...

Executive CommitteePortfolio Managers

Richard N. Croft

RICHARD N. CROFT has been in the securities business since 1975. Since February 1993, Mr. Croft has been licensed as an investment counselor/portfolio manager. Richard has written extensively on utilizing individual stocks, mutual funds and exchangetraded funds...