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Executive CommitteePortfolio Managers

Kenneth Mulders

KENNETH MULDERS, CFA, is Chief Operations Officer and Chief Compliance Officer for R. N. Croft Financial Group Inc. He oversees and leads a team of Portfolio Managers and associated relationship managers to deliver superior, risk‐efficient discretionary investment...

Executive CommitteePortfolio Managers

Richard N. Croft

RICHARD N. CROFT has been in the securities business since 1975. Since February 1993, Mr. Croft has been licensed as an investment counselor/portfolio manager. Richard has written extensively on utilizing individual stocks, mutual funds and exchangetraded funds...

Portfolio Managers

Richard Orrell

Richard Orrell is a Portfolio Manager with Croft Financial Group (CFG) and a member of the Investment Review Committee (IRC). As a Portfolio Manager, Richard provides discretionary investment advice to individual and institutional clients on the Croft platform. In...

Portfolio Managers

Bo Chew

BO CHEW is Lead Portfolio Manager of Legacies Growth Fund which strives to produce strong returns with less risk than the benchmark from capital growth with a dynamic portfolio of 10 to 18 positions. The Fund generally utilizes an active swing trading approach to...

Portfolio Managers

Alex Brandolini

ALEX BRANDOLINI joined R.N. Croft Financial Group Inc. in November 2013 as Research Associate and was promoted in July 2014 to the position of Associate Portfolio Manager. He has been in the industry for over eight years in various capacities, and brings with him a...

Portfolio Managers

Mark McAdam

MARK MCADAM is a Portfolio Manager at R N Croft Financial, which he joined in 2013. Mr. McAdam is the Lead Portfolio Manager for the Croft Income Pool and serves as member of the Investment Review Committee, specialising in enhanced income and option strategies....